As an omnivorous third culture kid from a secular Sefardic Israeli family, I sampled Germany’s wide variety of regional cuisines during my travels across the country for work. I enjoyed cooking German cuisine at home, but once my kosher-keeping Ashkenazi American partner moved in with me, I realized how many classic dishes I couldn’t share with him!

What else could I do? We set out to translate complete German meals, maintaining the flavors I encountered, while tinkering with their ingredients and techniques, so that people with religious food restrictions can join in on fuller experiences of local traditions.

Along the way, we also found many global ingredients and dishes enjoyed by our international Jewish communities were difficult to source in Germany. So we developed new DIY recipes for ourselves, as well as simplified how-to guides for German hosts planning on entertaining guests who maintain a kosher diet. We hope you find our recipes and guides helpful for bringing kosher and German staples to your own tables!