Schmaltz or Cheugy? EDEKA’s Shabby Slic

Super! But is that cool…?

There’s a certain slickness to the whole affair. Advertising agency Jung von Matt is no stranger to glossing that audacious sheen in their partnerships with EDEKA. (Their partnership is no stranger to successful positioning through controversy, either.) It takes real confidence to release a teaser for a commercial of all things.

Some resemblances in plating may apply; see store for details.

Whither Denglisch?

Liechtenstein’s Tourist spoke to the type of highly mobile individuals who, through gentrification, contribute to the rising costs of cities like Berlin. You don’t need to know much about the German language to catch how both versions of Supergeil sprinkle in hefty doses of Denglisch for effect. There’s an aspirational fresh lifestyle in Germany that simply doesn’t appeal or even mean the same when it’s rendered more natively as frisches Wohnen. Those loanwords have taken on localized characters that border on neologisms. They live in the same space that provides for a Rebillet at EDEKA.

An early shot in his original video provides a number of visual clues that he is shooting in Berlin, including the more obvious local heraldry of the Berliner bear. Fittingly, EDEKA began operations in Berlin, shifting their headquarters to Hamburg after the Second World War.

Do you remember how groceries used to be?

Like many other facets of public life, the corona virus is unveiling a number of related, latent concerns. German policy makers continue to struggle with the cultural implications of the delayed vaccine rollout. More than most countries, there was pushback against having a “corona passport” other than the standard vaccination booklets that people already maintained. The very real concern is that society might bifurcate into a Zweiklassengesellschaft, or two-tiered society. That comes off heavier in a country which once mandated two very different kinds of armbands for explicit racial divisions. Monied individuals are still freer to wait in queues for earlier vaccinations.


Pardon me, but there’s something more than cheugy about those backwards presumptions. Can we imagine such a distinct border between those communities with a clear conscience? To explain the birth of techno in the German musical scene, we need a much finer approach to the diverse identities that make up immigrant and expat spaces. Without those contributions we might never have gotten a Rammstein, a Liechtenstein, a Rebillet, or perhaps even the vogue that brought Berlin’s glut of permanent tourists in the first place.



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